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Natural Resources Management


The TACP team has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in natural resources management including ecosystems services, green infrastructure, management plans and tackling landscape crime. Consultation is an important element of this service.


The TACP has both in house specialists and works with a range of national and international experts and the effective management of natural resources is fundamental to much of the work carried out by the company.  TACP has worked closely with the local authorities of South Wales to prepare an overarching Natural Resources Management Plan for the SE Wales and associated Landscape Crime Communication and Management Plan. These plans have been updated and are supported by a GIS database. Individual NRM plans have been prepared for many of the south Wales commons in associated with the commoners. These have considered local products, renewable energy, health and wellbeing in addition to the traditional farming, habitat, water and protected species management.

TACP have undertaken a range of ecosystems services assessments which support many projects, and natural resources training programmes. The company has extensive experience in evaluating natural resources management projects for the commons, charities and local authorities.

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