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Data Analysis


At TACP we use data to underpin the solutions and design we develop.  We specialist knowledge across and maintain the latest versions of all the leading GIS software including Esri ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap, Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo and QGIS.  TACP use this software to bring data to life, analysing it to understand spatial patterns and presenting it innovatively either on paper or as is the case across an increasing number of projects, online.


TACP have pioneered new methods for assessing landscape value, being instrumental in the development of the all-Wales LANDMAP.  We have enhanced the understanding of cycle provision and demand for clients and are currently working with clients to develop new approaches to assessing the value green infrastructure provides.  We’re constantly looking to spatial analysis as a tool for combining multiple indicators in order to provide a better understanding the World we live in.

Whether your data has in excess of 50 million records or significantly less, TACP ensure it is securely saved to its in-house server with access restricted to those involved in its analysis.  We pride ourselves on ensuring data integrity; maintaining topology and attribute rules are principles we strongly adhere to.

TACP use ArcGIS Online to facilitate the collection of spatial data via a range of mobile apps.  Following analysis in our desktop GIS environment, we push the results back to ArcGIS Online for sharing via a range of web applications and online dashboards.  Our clients regularly comment on the engaging experience these provide and it helps us to maintain their involvement in the development of solutions and design.

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