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TACP Quality & Environmental Policy

TACP have the goal of providing a high quality comprehensive and integrated consultancy service dealing with the environmental aspects of the built and natural environment.  The Company encourages the enhancement of the environment by dedication to good design. TACP is committed to the Waste and Recycling Action Programme (WRAP) approach

TACP believes that proper consideration of the environmental effect of its activities is of prime importance, both in meeting prescribed legislation and in its general concern for the protection of the environment in which we live. In support of this belief, the Company has a commitment In its own in-house working practices:

  • To consider any adverse effect of such practices on the environment and to take all reasonable steps as may be necessary to eliminate or reduce any such effect.

  • To ensure that all activities adhere to the Welsh Government Sustainability policies.

  • To measure the Company’s carbon footprint and implement methods to reduce it wherever possible.

In the services provided to Clients:

  • To consider relevant national and local sustainability legislation, policies, strategies and action plans. During the design and implementation of projects TACP staff will aim to encourage clients and other designers to minimise environmental impact to include energy and carbon emissions.  

  • Design and construction activities will take into consideration the whole life costs of goods and services and local provenance will be specified wherever practicable.

  • To take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the environmental effect, giving due consideration to the Client’s requirements and his environmental responsibilities and policies.

  • To seek to ensure that clients meet the objectives of legislation, policies, strategies and appropriate action plans.

  • The expertise offered by TACP is based upon reliability and innovation.  Directors and staff are committed to a comprehensive professional service which meet the agreed needs of our clients at all times.

TACP is committed to and has developed and implemented a Quality & Environmental Management System which demonstrates clear and controlled working methods.  This system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards is subject to regular review and improvement to ensure its continuing effectiveness and relevance to the Company’s requirements.
The Company has a defined goal it is striving to achieve and has a system for communication of this goal within its organization.  The achievement of this goal is underpinned by the following measurable objectives:
Following a review and analysis of repeat business, new clients, work won, income per sector during 2018, a baseline review of utility bills and risks identified the following targets were agreed:


a) to achieve a no complaints situation

b) to achieve a no claims situation

c) to achieve new clients for 20% of new jobs in 2019

d) to ensure no commissions are cancelled due to TACP performance

e) to ensure staff turnover of no greater than 15% during 2019

f) to achieve overall profit target through profit-making to bid target level on at least 75% of completed    commissions

g) to achieve programme landmarks on time and to budget

h) reduce annual gas and electricity usage by 2%

i) reduce annual mains water usage by 2%

j) reduce annual volume of waste sent to landfill by 2%

The Quality & Environmental objectives will be reviewed annually at the Business Review meeting.

TACP has developed a system for monitoring client needs and satisfaction and we are committed to meeting client requirements and continual Company improvement in terms of both quality and environment.

[Jo Wall]                Signature:                Jo Wall 

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