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Landscape Architecture


Our landscape design service is rooted in our team’s broad experience and practical knowledge.  From early stage concept development through planning submission and discharge of conditions we work with project and client teams in an integrated manner to deliver exciting landscapes.  Through detailed design our expertise in both planting and hard landscape ensures concepts and principles are realised, whilst working within scheme budgets and programme. 



Whilst we strive to create sustainable and enjoyable inclusive landscapes for the future we are also mindful of the those with limited life spans or difficulties in the here and now. We are currently applying the full range of our skills to a number of dementia gardens and those with special needs and have previously worked on community hospitals.

Often the most important skill is the ability to listen to and understand the needs of those who will hopefully enjoy the gardens and environments we create. We are versed in work shops with care staff and residents developing designs with both. Often working with their families as well who are important stakeholders as they will also spend time with their relatives outside and can often provide information we may not otherwise have known.

Planting design and material selection is critical as is providing subtle security. Our experience allows us to bring understanding and empathy to the designs, where herbaceous perennial planting is an important element often combined with ornamental grasses and bulbs, chosen to remind us of the seasons with changes in texture, colour and scent.

Gardens can provide respite from the built care environment all year round and throughout the day and into the night. Shelter is important, careful lighting to let them be enjoyed from internal views so their value is not just during day light hours.

They often contain vegetable and herb growing areas often within raised beds for wheel chair users.

Sometimes the gardens maybe small and require skill and the desire to overcome the challenges of lack of space and again planting design is critical we constantly challenge ourselves to improve our plant knowledge through working with specialist plant suppliers and follow up visits to previously designed gardens. The full set of landscape design skills are applied, reviewed and learnt from as we seek to improve others lives.

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