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The Marches
Land Use Study

Project Information

In September 2023, TACP (UK) Ltd presented the Marches Land Use Opportunities Report to the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership. The Partnership had identified the potential for green investment across Shropshire, Herefordshire and Telford and Wrekin local authorities.


They aimed to identify areas with the greatest opportunities for woodland creation, solar energy generation, and wind energy generation within the region, and to develop an investment prospectus for landowners and managers. TACP were commissioned to carry out a Land Use Opportunity study, reviewing available evidence and data, and worked collaboratively with the three local authorities, to form a multi-criteria analysis to identify the areas of highest opportunity. 


The analysis took into consideration factors including landform and topography, existing land use and value, local infrastructure, designated sites, land ownership, and accessibility via cycle networks and public rights of way.

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Data and Research

Solar Opportnity

Wind Opportnity

Technical Appendix

Woodland Opportnity

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